Our comprehensive services include placement consultations and specialised hanging of all art and mirrors. We’ll transform your space with creative hanging.

Wall mounting televisions can be a dangerous and costly process. We specialise in safely and securely wall mounting flat-screen televisions, large and small.

We can also perform a range of intricate home services, including the installation of shelving, bathroom fittings, wall-mounted televisions, climbing gardens and more.

Professional Art & Mirror Hanging Services In Sydney

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Why Choose Spiers Hanging?

Defying gravity and hanging items on walls can be a daunting prospect.

Newly renovated walls are expensive! Why risk damaging your property? It is often more economical to hire a hanging specialist who knows how to fix your art and mirrors securely to the variety of surfaces in a home.

If required, our hanging services include time spent with a consultation. In our experience, clients appreciate the opportunity to discuss their idea of placement — before committing with a drill!

We are highly experienced in mirror & picture hanging and have worked with a range of clients, including homeowners, interior designers, unique homeware retailers and corporate clients. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your space with beautiful, perfectly hung art, mirrors and more.

Need picture hanging services in Sydney? Spiers Hanging offers you a fresh pair of eyes and professional, personalised customer service. We will work collaboratively with you to achieve balance on your walls and create your desired look.

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Professional Picture Hanging & Placement Consultations

Spiers Hanging provides specialised hanging services for the secure and aesthetic hanging of your pictures, mirrors and precious artworks.

We can come to your home or office, discuss your artworks, and provide a professional placement consultation to transform your space. Our hanging services also include the installation of wall-mounted televisions, shelving, bathroom fittings, stainless steel wire rope for climbing gardens, and Art Rail Hanging Systems.

Our hanging specialists will work collaboratively with you to bring your walls to life.

Safe, secure and fully insured, we specialise in hanging artworks and pieces of any kind, including framed paintings, mirrors, heavy and fragile items, unusual sculptures and more.

Spiers Hanging are your number one choice for picture hanging and art consultations in Sydney, the Illawarra, the South Coast and the Southern Highlands.

Our Clients

We work with home owners, interior designers, unique homeware retailers and corporate clients to enhance their beautiful spaces with perfectly hung art, mirrors and more. Designers and retailers we’re proud to have collaborated with in the past include:




Trevor is our preferred hanging specialist. Due to his professional approach and eye for detail, we are constantly reffering him to our clients. He has recently upgraded our facilities at Parterre Woolahra, creating a more modern effective system

Parterre Gardens

Trevor was referred to me to hang inside my unit an extremely large and heavy industrial Belgium window-turned-mirror on the dining room wall. He did the job extremely well and it is completely secure. I also had him hang a mirror in the bathroom, shutters in the bedroom and a host of other jobs that needed to be perfectly level. Trevor is a perfectionist, well mannered, punctual and takes pride in getting the job right. I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor to any of my family or friends and want to again take this opportunity to thank him for a difficult job well done.


I trust Trevor to make my clients collections look beautiful. He has found ways to hang some difficult, heavy items and has a 'thinking outside the box' approach to his work.


Trevor was recommended to me and I could not be happier with what he did in my newly renovated house. He hung all my art and mirrors, and the results are literally... PERFECT!